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Ing. Giovanni Del Papa

Roma Italy

cell. +393357522095

Ing. Valter Chiovini

 Roma Italy

Ing. Tindaro Mastroieni


Dott. Marco Leofrigio

Roma Italy

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Nome: Giovanni Del Papa

Età: 47

Compleanno: 1 Marzo

Università: Pisa

Facoltà: Ingegneria Elettronica

Specializzazioni: Informatica e Bioingegneria

Tesi di Laurea: Studio e verifica sperimentale di algoritmi neurali per il riconoscimento di odori da parte di un sistema olfattivo artificiale

Studi di interesse:Elettronica, Automi Cellulari, Matematica, Astrofisica, Astronomia,  Biologia, Fisiologia, Neuroscienze, Storia di Roma Antica

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Profilo sintetico

Project Manager ICT Quadro 

settore Pubblica Amministrazione Centrale presso Telecom Italia S.P.A

Master of Engineering Electronics and Computer Pisa University, Neural Networks expertise partecipating in C.N.R Artificial Nose Project Pisa University, Oracle DB Course, Fiber Optics Seminary, various Telecommunication/Networking Projecting Courses, various LAN/WAN/Internet security course (Cisco etc.).
in the Past since 1980 Experience in computer programming (IBM 370 VM, ML Language, Perl, C/C++,JAVA S.O. windows NT, W2K, AIX 3.5, SUN Solaris, Xenix, Linux, various) now in particular dedicated to the projecting of complex integrated networking architectures (data wired/wireless and phone)and IT/Web Based Platform and complex Hardware/Software Platform like ERP system and in particular developing project of Full Outsourcing. Now Working in high tech project for Public Administration and Military customers. AFCEA Member.


Networking Designer and manager, Computer Technology and network security expert, SW/HW design

Web Master  e Amministratore del sito,  Referente sezione Reti Neuronali e Borsa

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Nome: Tindaro Mastroieni
 Età: 47
 Compleanno: 2 Agosto
 Università: Pisa
 Facoltà: Ingegneria Elettronica
 Specializzazioni: Informatica e Telecomunicazioni
 Tesi di Laurea: Allocazione dinamica del Bit-Rate per interconnessione tra rete ISDN e MAN/SMDS”.
 Studi di interesse:   Elettronica, Storia, Letteratura, Astrofisica, Astronomia, Biologia
 Software Developer and Data Base Administrator.
Degree in Engineering Electronics and Telecommunications from Pisa University.
Thesis on "Bit-Rate Dynamic Allocation for ISDN and MAN/SMDS network interconnection"
Experience in computer programming (IBM 370 VM, ML Language, Perl, C/C++, JAVA  --  S.O. Windows NT, SUN Solaris, Unix-HP, Linux various).
He has been working in the Telecom Italia Group, Vodafone, ACI.

Referente per il Blog

Marco LEOFRIGIO was born in Rome (Italy) in the 8.8.1963. He got a University Degree in Political Science and he is fluent in English and Spanish language. Leofrigio has a long experience as senior project manager, a rich experience in the Ict services, telecommunications services, wireless, optical fibers, man and wan, cloud computing services, business intelligence, Erp system, knowledge management. Very good team leader and very good in the relationship with all kinds on customers. Available for frequent travelling in Italy and abroad.  Since 2000 he has been working in the Telecom Italia Group and starting from 2006 he has been joining the Public Sector division and became the primary interface of customers such as Ministero delle Finanze and its big ICT company Sogei Spa, Ministero della Salute, Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Cnr, Enea and Consortium Garr. Arma dei Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and Banca d’Italia have been his former customers.  He is in charge of ensuring the project performance and has the full responsibility of scheduling activities, checking the budget and the billing of every project, ensuring contractual compliance, weekly planning and monthly reporting,  identifying risks and opportunities of each project. Projects include access to Internet/Intranet through optical fiber, relevant security systems, ICT platform on accounting, repository of large databases, etc. In every project Leofrigio leads the assigned resources and/or coordinates and supervises the activities of the partner involved; he works closely with supplier representatives involved in testing and commissioning. Two years ago he was assigned also with the role of RUA (responsabile unico amministrazione). The role (a fully PM figure) include the full responsibility of managing the main contract between Cnipa/DigitPA, public administration and Telecom Italia about a new service on accounting and strategic control. This relevant and innovative project, named CORIGE,  involves the biggest Italian public administration, with a new cloud computing architecture that permits the access to the accounting and strategic control services, available on an advanced ICT platform, with an adequate level of security; the service is always personalized in order to satisfy every public administration customer’s needs. Leofrigio, as RUA supervises each step of the project CO.RI.GE. (Controllo Risultati di Gestione), produces detailed progress reports, manages each meeting with customers and supervises their preparation. Ensuring that all customer requirements are in place for the installation and commissioning activity, he is responsible of start-up phase and supervises all the tests planned for every step of the CORIGE project.   

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